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How Can You Help?

First, we would like to see all atheists become more visible in their communities. We want you to be able to state proudly, when people ask, that you are an atheist, that you do not believe in the supernatural, and that you are able to live a meaningful and moral life without any belief in invisible beings.

Second, we hope that you will join our listserv as well as participate in some of our activities, which will be announced on this website. We hope to, as individuals and as a group, contribute in meaningful ways to the community, and let people see that atheists are caring and generous.

Finally, we hope that those who have the resources will help us financially. We would like to continue to contribute to society's understanding of what an atheist is. For that, we need your support. Please donate generously. 100% of the donations go to support CVA activities.

We thank you for your generous support.